Beautiful British Columbia

It’s written on every license plate in BC: Beautiful British Columbia. And it’s true. The gem of Canada’s west coast has much to offer. Its gorgeous mountains, pristine waters and deep forests attract tourists from all over the world. Canadians flock to live on its coast in order to escape the frigid winters in the east. 

If you like the outdoors, BC is for you. If you are urbane at heart, Vancouver or Victoria is for you. 

BC was host to the 2010 Olympics and took the opportunity to welcome the world. Over 10 years were spent updating and upgrading amenities and transit, so that Vancouver could compete globally. Now that the games are over, Vancouver has the benefit of those amenities. 

British Columbia Regions: 

Northern BC is vast, covering almost 500, 000 square miles. It is rough and wild with rivers, roads, lakes and coast lands and ancient archipelagos. Glaciers covered this area millions of years ago. Much of this area is protected. Many areas are protected by charter planes or on foot or horseback. Outdoor activities to do include fishing kayaking powder skiing, snowmobiling and camping. There are many provincial parks as well as well as amenities such as cabins and rustic loges if you prefer to sleep indoors. 

The Queen Charlotte Islands or the Haida Gwaii as they are named by First Nations, mean the ‘Islands of the people’. They are situated on the northwest coast of BC and are comprised of 150 islands. The Queen Charlottes are spectacular spot for whale watching and exploring the indigenous culture of BC. Queen Charlotte City offers bed and breakfasts, restaurants shops and galleries. The Islands are accessible by boat or plane so plan your trip accordingly. Local tours offer fishing diving, float plant tours, whale watching and beach combing. 

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is bordered by the Cariboo Mountains in the east and the Fraser River in the west. The biggest towns are Clinton and Lillooet.  You can drive the original Cariboo Wagon Road and walk along the Gold Rush Trail. Canoe in the Bowren Lake Provincial Park. The Cariboo Coast features fjords, islands accessible by boat or ferry, as well as many ancient First Nations communities. 

Vancouver Island is a short ferry ride from Vancouver and has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Beaches, old growth forests, mountains, oceans and rivers as well as BC’s capital city, Victoria, make it easy for any visitor to enjoy. 

The Thompson Okanagan region is known as mainly as wine and fruit country. Located in BC’s south interior, it is also home to amazing golf courses and ski resorts. Thousands of visitors every year enjoy the combination of skiing, wine tours, kayaking, camping and observing wildlife in their natural habitat. 

The Kootenay Rockies are home to four of BC’s provincial parks. Home to a bevy of waterfalls, rivers, lakes mineral hot springs and alpine meadows- it’s an interior region that is also a rain forest.  

Beautiful BC- it is full of natural wonders as well as a lively urban scene. If you want more options to help you decide where to go and what to do, go to: