Central Museum of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery or the RCA Museum

The Central Museum of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery or RCA Museum tells the story of Canadian Gunners.  The story of the Gunners of Canada is also the story of Canada’s national heritage. The aim of the Museum is to gather the elements of the story together in one location that is accessible and educational. 

This origin of Canadian Artillery dates back to the arrival of the early European explorers.  Jacques Cartier fired the first cannon in Canada in 1534.  The first Artillery Company formed in Canada was founded in Quebec in 1750. The Canadian Artillery was part of the colonial forces of King Louis XV of France.  Since then, residents of Canada served as Gunners in the armies of France and Britain. Gunner traditions were passed to the new nation as it fought in many wars. 

The first actual Canadian Batteries (groups of gunners) were formed in the 1855 Militia Act. The act authorized 12 batteries of field and foot artillery.  The units became Canada’s first military force upon confederation in 1867.  Four of these original batteries have serve since then and are now part of the Army Reserve. 
Canadian Artillery is organized into units called Batteries. A battery by definition has all of the personnel and equipment necessary to allow the guns to fight in battle. 

Museum Hours of Operation: 
All year around:  Monday – Friday:  10 am – 5 pm 
To book a guided tour call: (204) 765-3000 ext. 3570 

 Location: Building:  N-118, Patricia Road, CFB Shilo, Manitoba 

Museum Facilities: 
– Outdoor picnic area 
– The Museum is Wheelchair accessible 
– The Gift shop: selling accouterments, books, clothing, jewelry, clothes, novelties, military prints and retirement gifts.  

They also do engraving, framing, medal and have court mounting services.