Northwest Territories Facts & Tourist Attractions

The Northwest Territory is located East of the Yukon, and is the most Northern province in Canada. Together with Nunavut, the area covers one third of Canada’s landmass. The largest industry in the area is mining, and then oil and gas exploration, and tourism. Half of the residents are Aboriginal so you’ll have the opportunity to experience their unique culture! The province harbors the magnificent Mackenzie mountains, and the Nahanni National Park Reserve, so be sure to check them out. 

Northwest Territories Tourism 

The Northwest Territories offers a wide variety of tourist attraction, sights, experiences, and recreational activities! If you’re a nature enthusiast, or outdoor adventure fan this is the place for you! Take a boat cruise around Baffin Island, or visit the Diavik Diamond Mines in Yellowkinfe! Book a guided fishing tour and fish for Arctic char, trout, pike, pickerel, graying, and whitefish in the coastal rivers. Relax in one of the world-famous fishing lodges or cabins along a crystal-clear mountain lake. There are many outdoor outfitters in the Northwest Territories that cater to day tours, whitewater rafting, mountain hiking, cruises and even deep-diving. Try an Arctic Safari Eco Tour all around Yellowknife, or explore the region in a canoe or kayak! Visit the Wood Buffalo National Park where you’ll see Canada’s largest wild bison herd! Don’t forget to observe the magnificent Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the region. 

Northwest Territories Mountain Ranges 

The NWT contains two main mountain ranges: The Franklin Mountains, and the United States Range. The Franklin Mountains extend along the east bank of Mackenzie River to Hare Indian and Liard Rivers. The highest point in the range is Mount Clark near Fort Norman, which reaches to 4,733 feet. The United States Range is north if Ellesmere Island and reaches across the Grant Land region, and into the Lincoln Sea of the Arctic Ocean. The highest point in the United States Range is an amazing 11,000 feet! For advanced mountain climbers, The Cirque of the Unclimbables is the place to be! It is a small cluster of peaks and walls in the Northwest Territories close to the Yukon border. The Lotus Flower Tower is the most well-known climb in the area and attracts avid climbers year-round! 

Northwest Territories Fishing Charters 

Enjoy a wildlife adventure in the Northwest Territories by booking a guided fishing charter! Try Kasba Lake Lodge where you’ll take a direct charter flight from Winnipeg to the lakeside lodge in less than 2.5 hours. Fish in new 18 foot, fully equipped, custom-made fishing boats. In terms of fish, the tour focuses on Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Arctic Grayling. Be sure to take an after-dinner cruise and tour around the lake in luxury. Relax in cozy lodge accommodations with a hot tub and conference room, or stay in one of the 14 modern, private guest cabins. Have a fishing charter experience full of great fish, service and memories!