Quebec: La Belle Province

Quebec or la Belle Province as it is known is Canada’s largest province. Its Francophone population makes one feel like one is in Europe- there is nowhere like Quebec in North America! Its rolling farmlands, beautiful rivers and lakes, plus its fabulous cities and historic sites make it effortless for any visitor to enjoy. 

The first settlers in Quebec were the Inuits who emigrated from Asia thousands of years ago. Vikings and Basque whalers came 1000 years ago. The area was popular because of its abundant fishing, hunting and trapping opportunities. 

Quebec was founded by French settlers in the 1600’s. Quebec City, one of Canada’s oldest cities, was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. The name Quebec comes from the native word, “kebee” which refers to all the land disputes and confrontations that carried on between the French and the First Nations Peoples. The French were gradually sequestered in Quebec as the English conquered Canada, and this has only made the French culture in Quebec stronger. 

Quebec Parks and Outdoors 

If you like outdoor activities, Parc National de la Jacques Cartier is a must see. Located north of Quebec City, this one of a kind park offers mountains, lakes and rivers. You can hike, climb, canoe fish, the list is endless. Or go in winter and go back country skiing, or snow shoeing. 

Quebec City Historic Sites and Attractions 

Quebec City is over 400 hundred years old, and is the provincial capital as well as the home of many historic sites.  Artillery Park, the Plains of Abraham, and the Parliament buildings- it’s all in Quebec City. There are religious tours as well if you are interested in exploring the history of Catholicism in Quebec. The city has an extremely vibrant night life, with clubs, festivals and concerts year-round! Cirque de Soleil has shows in Quebec City in the summer and the Grand Theatre de Quebec is the place to go for opera or symphonic music. 

Quebec Day Trips to Montreal and Ottawa 

Montreal is located on the St. Lawrence River and is a two-hour drive from the nation’s capital, Ottawa. It is truly a unique city; a taste of Europe awaits the novice traveler who has not been there before! Montreal has it all: festivals, shopping, historic sites, an incredible nightlife- you just can’t do it all! The summer is the best time to go, because the Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs festivals are on. These are two world class events that are not to be missed. Old Montreal near the St. Lawrence River is what remains of the first buildings that were constructed when the city was founded. Walk around the cobbled streets and imagine what it was like to live hundreds of years ago. Dinner at 2am is no problem in Montreal as restaurants are still open! 

Tourist Destination Knowlton 

Knowlton is a charming village 100 km east of Montreal and is in the area known as the Eastern Townships. This hub of small villages is a popular tourist destination and has golf courses, a theatre,  a marina, a lavender farm, skiing, shopping and sleigh rides in the winter. 

Go to Quebec and take part in Canada’s rich culture and history. When it’s time to go, you’ll be saying, ”Salut!” rather than goodbye. 

The most popular places to visit in the province of Quebec are Montreal and Quebec City. Quebec City is the capital of the province and features a charming French, old world feel. Enjoy the St. Lawrence River, and the impressive Hotel Chateau Frontenac. Explore the plains of Abraham where wars between the French and British were fought. Take a tour through the old part of the city on a horse drawn carriage, and discover hidden treasures in the boutiques, bakeries and shops. Experience the nearby ski hill, Val Saint – Come; Visit the Canyon Sainte-Anne, which was forged by an ancient glacier; Take a Sepaq fishing trip or guided sport hunting tour; and take part in the one of the world’s largest winter carnivals Le Carnival de Quebec.