The Yukon

Yukon Tourist Attractions 

The Yukon is Canada’s true north and is situated north of British Columbia, and West of the Northwest Territories. Try a Yukon Wilderness Adventure Package for an experience you’ll never forget. Charter a flight over Canada’s highest peak; Hike in the Kluane region full of lush valleys and icy mountains; Whitewater raft in the Tatshenshini River beside enthralling glaciers; Canoe around the Yukon River; Fish for northern pike and Arctic graylings in the pristine lakes; Witness the Yukon Quest, which is the toughest dog-sled race in the world; Visit the Yukon’s newest park Tombstone; or enter the Tage Cho Interpretive Center, which shows how life may have been hundreds of years ago. As you can see there are many fun places to visit in the Yukon. 

Yukon Mountains 

The Yukon Territory in Canada contains five magnificent mountain ranges including the Coast Mountain, the Mackenzie Mountains, Ogilvie Range, the Pelly Mountains, and the Saint Elias Mountains. The Saint Elias Mountain Range boasts the highest Canadian Mountain – Mount Logan! 

The Coast Mountains 

The Coast Mountains extend along the Pacific Coast, and the highest peak reaches to 13,260 feet. The Coast Mountain Range is predominantly composed of metamorphic rock, and includes a variety of glaciers, rivers (Fraser, Skeena, and Stikine), and deep canyons. The heavy rainforests of the range contribute to the Yukon’s lumber industry, and the mountains help to harbor one of Canada’s largest hydroelectric plants! 

The Mackenzie Mountain Range 

The Mackenzie Mountain Range exists in eastern Yukon in the southwest Mackenzie area, and extends to the British Columbia border. The highest peak is Mount Sir James McBrien at 9,049 feet. 

The Ogilvie Mountain Range 

The Ogilvie Mountain Range is situated in the eastern part of the Yukon and extends to the border of the North West Territories. 

The Pelly Mountains 

The Pelly Mountains are situated north of the Rocky Mountains in the southern part of the Yukon. The mountain range is near the British Columbia border and contains the Pelly River Valley. The highest mountain peak is 9,500 feet. 

The Saint Elias Mountains 

The Saint Elias Mountains are part of the Coast Ranges in the southwestern part of the Yukon Territory. The mountain range extends to southeastern Alaska, and rises an amazing 19,850 feet! Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan, is at the 19,850 feet mark. The Saint Elias Mountain Range also contains Kluane National Park.